Holiday luggage and general travel luggage weight limits, fees, and a variety of other limitations can add to the list of any wary traveller of things to be aware of. The overarching message is – if you can, travel light! Some years ago I started shipping my clothing and travel items ahead of time, in as small a box as possible, so I just head to the airport with my keys, gum and wallet. This, however, is not for everyone. In some cases, shipping back and forth can even be more costly than baggage fees associated with the airlines, but for those of us who desperately like to travel light, these extra fees are not an issue.

That being said, finding the right luggage, with the features you need, is an evolving situation riddled with constant variables that lead to a never-ending quest, and that quest is modified by buying new luggage every few years as your needs change, and the airline industry regulations change.

Even if you are not travelling for leisurely settings, but are travelling solely for work or business, you still need to consider what kind of luggage to take to make the trip the most hassle free and the most successful it can be in relation to comfortable convenient travelling.

Business Trip Luggage

If you are taking a business trip overseas for four days or more, it is highly recommended that you have a carry on bag that you can keep with you on the plane where you can keep your laptop, mobile phone, toiletries you may need on the plane such as toothpaste, a mirror, your shaver, shampoo, deodorant, and other things you need for grooming, along with at least one change of clothes – just in case your other luggage gets lost.

Pack a decent sized suitcase to prepare for evening wear, shoes, nightwear and something more casual. We love Samsonite for something smart and robust, or if you are feeling a little flush a Rimowa will never go amiss and is an incredibly stylish accessory. We would definitely recommend taking a suit carrier to keep your business attire neat and crumple free. There are plenty of suit carriers that will accommodate one or two suits and additional items of clothing and are easy to handle. Gone are the days when suit carriers were the type with hangers sticking out – you can now get some fairly robust shoulder suit carriers or even ones that will drag on wheels for the ultimate in easy travelling

Luggage for a Weekend Break

If you are taking a weekend break domestically that will require flying, then you do not want to take more luggage than your ticket allows for, or you will have to pay high rates for the extra bags. Depending on the type of break it is, you shouldn’t need to take too much luggage with you – unless of course you are heading off for a ski break or something that requires a lot of equipment. You could potentially get away with a large travel bag that can be stashed in the overhead cabin, or a small suitcase on wheels.

If you are going on a long weekend trip abroad, it is still best to pack lightly so you can get through customs quickly, make any connecting flights quickly, etc. Carry on bags on rollers make it easy to walk quickly without having to carry the weight of the bag. These pieces of luggage should be no more than 22 inches long, and less than 14 inches wide. Although a company may be advertising a bag as being “cabin friendly,” you might want to check the dimensions yourself by bringing a small tape measure with you when shopping. Expansion and compression will help you to put maximum items in these small wonders, making them a feasible alternative to all types of travel, be it business, personal, weekend or holiday.

A cabin bag may be enough for you, especially one that can be expanded and checked in, but if you plan on shopping when you are away, you may want to take a large enough suitcase that you will check in – even if it is almost empty on the way out! Or you may opt for a garment bag that folds in half and has a zipper to keep things from having to be ironed – even better if it’s on wheels! After all, you want to save your strength and energy for enjoying your trip, rather than burning all the calories up on dragging hefty luggage around.

Longhaul Holiday Luggage

When you decide to go away for a two week holiday, you will need more luggage for sure. You should have your carry on in which you place the essentials, such as one pair of pyjamas, your razor, makeup, shampoo, soap, deodorant, a comb, toothpaste, your toothbrush, one change of socks and underwear, along with one change of clothing so you are not in a mess if your luggage happens to get lost, which can happen.

We definitely recommend looking out for a lightweight case so that you can maximise your weight allowance РDefining a lightweight suitcase is not a scientific process, but generally any piece of luggage that is not taller than 22 inches, and that which weighs less than 10 pounds when empty, is loosely considered to be a lightweight suitcase. Having a lightweight piece of luggage, and trying to avoid over-packing, just might help you to avoid any excess weight fees.

We would also recommend looking for a case with four wheels for easy manoeuvring – with most airports having near similar square footage to football fields – the wheels are a necessity. Try to look out for one with a handle on the side to make it easier for when you need to drag the case off the baggage carousel filled with all of your holiday souvenirs.

We always recommend a minimalist approach – especially as having too much stuff with you can make travelling much less convenient, however, we know how it feels to leave behind that perfect top that would have been just perfect for that day out – so planning is essential!

Travel Bags Overnight Trips

When it is necessary for an overnight business trip, you do not have to pack a lot. Even consider wearing the same bottoms but just packing a fresh shirt or blouse to keep things light and simple. Likely you will only need a carry on and maybe a briefcase for your laptop and business stuff.

When you finally get to go on that much needed overnight stay somewhere for some good leisure to get away from the busyness of your life even for just a short while, a tote bag may be just fine. You can travel really light and even wear your same clothes both days, but pack a fresh change of underwear, pyjamas, socks and your grooming essentials.

Furthermore, consider cheap suitcases but that are quality made, because there is no sense in paying a lot for luggage since it gets damaged in your travels by the airlines over time anyway.

Whether you are travelling for leisure or business, having a number of different bags from which to choose is very important. Airlines are likely to only get more strict with their luggage policies and weight requirements. It is also ecologically friendlier to try to pack as light as possible, and use dry cleaning services and laundry services at your destination. The less fossil fuels that are collectively expended moving us around the planet, the better off the future will be.

Many hotels have laundry services, and most have some sort of self-service laundry room so you can wash a few items while travelling. Irons and ironing boards are fundamental items travellers will find in almost every hotel, with most already being in the room.

In the end, however, no matter how light we commit to packing, we will always need some type of travel bag, suitcase or carry-on luggage, and there are an endless assortment from which to choose. Finding the right bag for you is likely going to require trying out many, but once you find that one you love, your travel life will indeed be sweet!